Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sleeping-Bag Suit Makes Snuggies Look Even Wussier

Sleeping-Bag Suit Makes Snuggies Look Even Wussier

It's still early June and even though you want to believe in spring, the winter is still kicking around like some untreatable venereal disease. Fortunately, the Selkbag is like Valtrex for the cold. It's made of durable nylon taffeta, reversible zippers and reinforced soles so that you don't wear out the footies. Boots, we mean boots.

These executive comfy suits come in brown, red, yellow, white, green and black, so you could potentially have one suit for each of your freezing commuting days. (And yes, the Iditarod starts this week, so these might just work if you find yourself mushing in Alaska.)

You can buy these fine suits, which are comfortable down to 23 degrees, for as cheap as $119. [via Waylou]
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