"These guys are brilliant!"
-Al Franken

"Comedy Pick of the Week!"
-Los Angeles Times

"Peerless comic rapport and impeccable timing."
-Chicago Reader

"Critics' pick! (Highly Recommend)"
-Now Magazine of Toronto, Canada

"A Gonzo aggression, high energy set."
-Eye Weekly of Canada

"Great, great show! Really nice writing and incredible performers. Mychal and Aaron are huge talents. I highly recommend this show."
-B.W. Chicago Red Eye

“Fans of Mr. Show, the late, great HBO comedy will be familiar with the format, as Competitive Awesome fuses the political with the absurd, and they certainly don’t mind if you’re offended or confused by what they do.”
-Andy Marchesseault, The Chicago Maroon

“Their show is incredibly fast paced, segueing from one topic to another with no breaks… key comedic perfection!”
-Sylvia Garcia, The Depaulia

"Aaron Gingrich and Mychal Utecht write sharp, funny sketch comedy, putting refreshing faith in the audience's intelligence by never dumbing down their material. The duo have managed to create a distinctive style and rhythm that is flawless. Gingrich's Bush impression is among the funniest we've ever seen."
-Mark Sinclair, Time Out Chicago

"If you chose to put obesity and Nazi gags into your comedy act, then before calling a critic to cover your show, you might wish to find out whether she's a fat Jewish woman."
-Leah Zeldes, Pioneer Press

"There's no denying their accomplishment as writers and performers; the sketches are clever and well crafted, and no joke is too brief or lingers too long. The next day I found myself quoting lines as readily as if it were The Simpsons or Chappelle's Show."
-Brian Nemtusak, Chicago Reader

"Competitive Awesome is Awesome!"
-Eddie Izzard

"These guys are an Amazing talent, with a limitless future ahead of them. I could easily build a show around these two."
-Jason Cornwell, Senior Casting Producer for FX Networks

"Second City Standards upheld... Worthy of immediate consideration for extension"
-Joyce Sloane, Producer Emeritus for The Second City Chicago

"A lot of humor... performed with confidence... tightly directed. I look forward to seeing what is next for them."
-Rob Chambers, Executive Director for The Second City Training Centers

"Highest of the Brow"
-Ernest Camp, The N.Y. Composite

"These guys are amazing, I love these guys!"
-Brian Posen, Executive Producer of Chicago Sketchfest

"I have never seen so much magic... they basically direct themselves... One is very talented, and the other is very up and coming."
-Matthew Rayne, Director of Long Story Short and The Story of Joseph King

"I personally support and endorse the creative endeavors of Competitive Awesome... I place my name behind them."
-Norm Holly, Artistic Director for The Second City Training Centers

"Lactatingly funny"
-Washington Sentinal

"Competitive Awesome sets themselves apart."
-Darel Jevens, Chicago Sun-Times

"A Best Bet"
-Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Competitive Awesome, Quite Awesome!"
-Dean Richards, WGN Radio

"Thank you Competitive Awesome! Fantastic writing, excellent show!"
-Tim Kazurinsky, Actor/Writer for Saturday Night Live

"Great show! These are two very strange and weirdly funny white guys!"
-Carlos Alazraqui & Cedric Yarbrough, RENO 911

"A f*ck the rules troupe, with one great show!"
-Now Magazine of Toronto, Canada
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