Monday, April 27, 2009

I Am Sooo Sorry, Avian Flu.

Dear Avian Flu,

I can not even begin to comprehend what you must be going through this last week. YOU were the next Pandemic, You were the next big outbreak, YOU! You put in all the work, and you were so patient. The way you refused to transfer from person to person until just the right moment, opting instead to stay in birds, and chickens, and Asia. Yet, you gave us all just a taste of the hell you would eventually unleash...when you were ready. That is power. That is class. We noticed, and we feared you. That is...until some low rent, two bit, coward swine flu blindsided you in the middle of the night, unannounced, and completely stole your thunder. Swine flu, I hope you are reading this and realize what a dirty Mexican invader you are and how nobody gives two rats a$$es about you. Your weak, your ugly, and your poor. Mexico City? The Bronx? Missouri? Get a life swine flu, you don't even have all that terrible of symptoms. Well, except death, but people die everyday in way way more numbers just driving to work or eating dinner. You suck dude, and if you were any kind of Virus at all, you would apologize to your hosts and self destruct..but...take some of Texas with you. Never mind, you don't have the balls. Avian Flu would F*ck Texas up, but then again, you know that don't you Swine Flu, and it kills you inside.


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Share Sense said...

LOL That was the funniest damm letter to the Swine Flu!- LMAO.!~
(kinda makes me feel a little sorry for Ebola and Avian tho.....)