Friday, May 15, 2009

How To Procrastinate Through A Day

How To Procrastinate Through A Day
By Mychal Utecht

0. Eventually get up in the afternoon and think about what you have to do.
1. Don't even worry about it.
2. Surround yourself with other options to use that time with.
3. Spend that time doing one of those other options.
4. Be tired.
5. Fall asleep on the couch.
6. Wake up and feel bad about falling asleep on the couch, but realize that their isn't any time to do anything anymore.
7. Take a long time eating.
8. Don't feel good after eating.
9. Add whatever you were supposed to do to tomorrows "agenda."
10. Get mad at anyone that questions you about anything regarding what you were supposed to do, and go to bed.
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Share Sense said...

I gotta say I laughed my butt off on this one! Brilliant man-!