Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Special Government Test


Eevry signle wrod in tihs paragarph is speelld incocrertly. Olny one in a mioiln poeple can raed tihs wlihe the leettrs are all mesesd up. Can you? Are you taht spceial someone? If so, thier is a good cahnce you wluod be apporved for gvoernment raseerch and piad vrey wlel to decdoe enmey iaformntion. All you hvae to do is clal one ehgit hunrded siuptd fat lesor and tlel the "governemnt" taht you can do the smae tnihg eveyrone esle can, moron. Taht is how our brnias fcnution. Now get bcak to wrok.
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