Saturday, June 6, 2009

Awesome Funny True Story, Worth Reading (Short)

Daughter buys a brand new expensive car, a Volvo. For vacation she drives 800 miles to the family homestead to show it off to the clan. Mom is super impressed. Why, this is a respectable sign of wealth, what with the exorbitant price tag, beefy turbo engine, and luxurious vibrating-heated-100%-leather seats.

Three months later Mother and Daughter talk over the phone. Mom complains about a neighbor: “She’s bragging about her family again. But I stopped the talk quick. I said, ‘well, my daughter’s got a new Vulva.’ That shut her up.”

“What?” asks Daughter

“I told her about your Vulva.”

“Mom! I drive a Volvo. Vul-voh.”


“Volvo is a car. A vulva is something different. It’s, you know, some female anatomy.”

“But, I’ve been telling everyone about your Vulva. About how quick and expensive it is, and how nice it smells!
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