Thursday, February 11, 2010

Car Crash Injury Leaves Woman Constantly Craving Sex (THIS IS A TRUE NEWS STORY AS REPORTED BY FOX NEWS...SERIOUSLY!)

When Joleen Baughman damaged a nerve in her pelvis two years ago in a car accident, she never imagined the outcome would leave her constantly craving sex.

But the 39-year-old mother of two now suffers from restless genital syndrome, which is also known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome, because of the damaged nerve, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Any type of movement — vacuuming, bending over or walking — can leave the New Mexico resident feeling so aroused, "it's embarrassing and it's impossible to concentrate."

Baughman also injured her spine in the accident, and she spent several months recovering at home. She was confused when she started experiencing the intense urges for sex, but she said her husband was happy about it — until he realized how difficult the condition would become for them.

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Dr. Sandra Leiblum first defined persistent sexual arousal syndrome as "intense feelings of genital congestion and sensations that are typically unaccompanied by any conscious awareness of sexual desire" in an article published for the Women's Sexual Health Foundation in Cincinnati, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating women and doctors on conditions that may impact sexual health and function.

Sexual activities intended to relieve the symptoms can reinforce the sensations or provide only temporary relief, Leiblum wrote in her report.

"I was very relieved to find out my condition was not psychological," she said. "For a while I thought I was going crazy or that it was somehow my fault. I think a lot of people go through those thoughts with this condition. Being aroused pretty much 24 hours a day is exhausting."
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