Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How To Tell Great Stories At A Party.


Step 1

Know your audience. If you're surrounded by a group of females, chances are they will not want to hear about your amazing late season comeback in your keeper fantasy football league.

Step 2

Start with a bang. This is called the hook. If you don't grab an audience within the first ten seconds, you will most likely lose them forever.

Step 3

Use only pertinent details in telling your story. Too much information adds unnecessary length. The average person's attention span is under one minute.

Step 4

Avoid tangents and stay focused. If a part of your story entails you tripping over your dog, don't get distracted and start talking about how your dog got sick that morning.

Step 5

Avoid repeating yourself. Chances are that people heard you the first time and a storyteller may fall into this trap especially if a segment of their story gets a big laugh. Nothing is more lethal to a narrative than repetition.

Step 6

Respond to audience reactions. If you see people looking disinterested or in other directions, it's time to pick up the pace.

Step 7

Learn from the past. It's important to recognize what aspects of your story got the most laughs or reactions in previous tellings.

Step 8

Embellish as necessary. Most of your friends have already heard all your stories anyway. There's nothing wrong with a little enhancement.
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