Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How To Tell Jokes Like Ron White.


Step 1

Tell funny stories by mixing personal experiences, standard topics or controversial issues. Personal experiences could be something funny that happened while on vacation with a little fictional factor. Standard topics could be talking about alcohol or women, which is something Ron White does frequently. Controversial issues could be political issues with absurd ways to solve them.

Step 2

Be conversational when telling a funny story like Ron White. His comedy is, "very conversational and mixes honest observations about everyday life with razor-sharp wit." Ron White is also known for throwing in expletives where possible and being outrageous. Throw in sexual references where possible to elevate the outrageous level of the comedy, like Ron often does.

Step 3

Pause before delivering the punch line. Ron typically gives a long dramatic pause before delivering the punch lines of his jokes, either to create laughter or to build anticipation of the joke's punch line.

Step 4

Deliver jokes and funny stories with a very raspy voice. Ron White's raspy voice is from smoking too many cigars and drinking too much Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey. Be insightful but blunt when delivering material.
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Mark Carman said...

uhmmm, this pretty much works.